Boeing Videos

1. Boeing 737 cockpit. In this Boeing 737 cockpit video you will see how the various systems and flight instruments are being operated on the B737 aircraft. We will show you how pilots operate the cockpit equipment as well as testing the GPWS, TCAS and other 737 systems. There are also in-flight scenes as well as 2 landings filmed during both day and night time. If you are a fan of the Boeing 737 cockpit then we are almost confident that you will love this video. (The original content was filmed sometime in the 90's and transferred to digital format by AviaFilms). 2. Boeing 737-300 Classic cockpit. This is a demo video for a full length Boeing 737 cockpit film which we used to have on our website. Unfortunately, the main video has been discontinued but you can still check out this demo which has some nice views of the 737 cockpit in action during night time operations. 3. Boeing 737-800 cockpit during flight. An awesome video filmed from the observers perspective at Flight Lever 380 and cruise speed. This high quality 737NG cockpit video will show you what a pilot sees during cruise at night time. You can clearly see the overhead panel, the cetral pedestal and the primary flight displays of this brand new Boeing 737-800 aircraft cockpit. 4. Go Around! This video will show you a landing in very strong winds and a subsequent go-around in the Boeing 737 simulator cockpit. Sometimes you can have a lot of fun in real full motion simulators and not only FSX! In this case the pilot decided to just touch the runway and perform a goaround. 5. Boeing 737 cockpit landing. Here is another video showing a landing as seen from the flightdeck of the B737. In this video you will see some great footage of the Alps during approach to Milan Malpensa airport as well as some other views on approach. The video will mostly show you the view from the 737 captains window without the cockpit instrumentation. Nevertheless, we hope that you enjoy the landing. 6. Boeing 737 flying through clouds. An awesome video in very good quality filmed from the cockpit of the Boeing 737 while flying into the clouds during sunset. This will make you appreciate the wonderful views airplane pilots see when flying jet airlines like the 737. It was simply amazing to see how the aircraft enters the cloud layer at high speeds and with such a nice cockpit view.