PMDG 738NGX landing at EDDT
Been practising on the NGX every day since quite some time now, still the accuracy of the PMDG model amazes me, I am definitely addicted to this plane ...
Unfortunately FSRecorder does not record and replay every MCP and FMC settings and callouts correctly, this was taken from a full IFR flight from LEIB (Ibiza) to EDDT (Berlin-Tegel), incl. a full autolanding at Tegel-Airport

Jackson Hole
I am inviting you to discover orbx's first detailed airport scenery for the orbx Central Rockies area, covering entire Jackson Hole and Teton Range.

Collateral - An FSX Film
- This is a film, made with aircraft and vehicles within the Flight Simulator X.
- This film is fictional.
- This is a fictional FSX film. Nevertheless there are historical facts, which took me to the idea of making this movie.
- I love aviation. I am fascinated by military aircraft. But war is horrible. Any where, for any reason. It's probably the most evil thing existing on earth. No harm is intended with this video, my friends know me as a peaceful guy. So, please refrain from abusive comments.
- This is the first part of my War Movie Trilogy made in FSX.

Stewart Airport
I can hardly find words to describe the scenery of Stewart Airport,
created by the orbx team ..
Go buy it, and enjoy this excellent work, done by Russ White.

Monroe Firstair
Enjoy the new orbx scenery W16 Monroe Firstair Field, the perfect farewell from PNW.
Catch the train to S43 Harvey Field (which is just a hop away) or watch the stock car race in the nearby circuit and join a pool party close to the airfield.
Hats off, the level of detail and animation is simply amazing !

orbx's Creswell Airport & Walker Airfield
Enjoy my tree top flying around the brandnew orbx scenery Creswell Airport 77S (& Walker Airfield OR57) including a nasty touch-and-go at Walker Airfield.

That's one sweetfully designed scenery, thank you orbx !

Three of a perfect pair (FSX Multiplayer Film)

My scottish friend Doogie visited me, and of course we did some crazy flying via LAN networking. So here's the result. Three flights across New Zealand South Island.
Please visit Doogie's channel DJR FS Productions and hit the button, he deserves way more subs because his videos are second to none, outstanding and unique !

Here we go with another orbx pearl, placed in the PNW area. Swanson Airport 2W3 is a sweetly designed scenery by Alex Goff and Tim Harris. I wish I lived there, in one of those houses with a narrow GA airfield just a few feet away ... :)

Harvey Field
Harvey Field is an airfield located at Snohomish Washington, near Snohomish River.
Heiko Glatthorn and Andreas Hegi from the orbx team are the main developer for this sweetly designed scenery. If you liked Darrington, Concrete Muni, Orca's Island or Diamond Point, you will certainly love this one.

The Jefferson County Seeker
A little get-together at J-Co.
Check out the scenery, one of the new jewels by orbx !
Thanks guys !

Ice Pilots NWT (FSX Remake)
My first video in 2012 is dedicated to the canadian aviation TV series - Ice Pilots NWT -
Very special thanks go out to Jenny Bins, she did the voice-over splits for this video...!