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This channel offers Cockpit, Spotting and Wingview Videos in top quality. About me: I'm 17 years old and very interested in aviation. My dad, who is a captain on 737 Classic, frequently films landings and take-offs from the cockpit which I upload on this channel. The spotting and wingview videos are filmed by myself. The Camera we use is: Panasonic HC-V707 Please subscribe if you like this channel and its videos, it means a lot to me :-) If you have any questions, feel free to pose them here or on facebook! And of course, I do not give anyone the permission to use my content. 737 Cockpit Take-Off at Stavanger [FullHD] : Noseview Landing in Stavanger - 737 Classic [FullHD] : Cockpit View - Night Landing in Geneva [FullHD] : Stunning Scenic Approach into Heathrow! [FullHD] : Night Landing in Toulouse - Jumpseat 737 Classic [FullHD] Very Unusual but Awesome Landing in Frankfurt - Cockpit View! : Scenic Noseview Landing in Marseille [FullHD] : Awesome Cockpit Take-Off in Nice Côte d'Azur - Boeing 737 [FullHD] : Cockpit Landing in Frankfurt - Boeing 737-500 [FullHD] : Amazing Cockpit Take-Off - Boeing 737 : COCKPIT - 737-300 Rainy Take-off in Hamburg [FullHD] : COCKPIT VIEW - 737 Night Landing in London :